November 26 – November 27, 2020
XVII International Student Scientific Conference:
Urgent Problems of Modern Society.
Language. Culture. Technology.
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Conference Paper Templates

Important dates

Stage of the conference

September 1, 2019 - November 10,  2019

Online registration on the conference website with the text of the conference paper, getting the notification of its having been received


Until November 15, 2019

Checking articles for plagiarism on the service

(original text not less than 75 %)

Review of the article by the Editorial Board for compliance with the conference requirements; notification of acceptance/sending for revision/rejection of the paper

Until November 15, 2019

Payment of the publication fee and registration fee (only for the in presence participants) with the provision of a scanned receipt to the organizing committee

Providing expert opinion on the possibility of publication in the open press (issued at the place of study/work)

November 28-29, 2019

Work of conference:

Opening and closing ceremonies of the conference, plenary session, section meetings, contests at the section sessions


Awarding with the certificates of participation, diplomas for the victory in the contests and letters of appreciation

Until December 15, 2019

Sending the conference proceedings to the RSCI database and sending the electronic conference proceedings to the authors

Until 01 February, 2020

Sending the conference proceedings and certificates of participation to absentee participants by post


Payment terms

Registration fee for in presence participation (welcome pack, coffee break, conference participant certificate)

250 RUB.

Publication of the paper in the conference proceedings + author's electronic conference proceedings (PDF)

300 RUB.

Publication of the paper in the conference proceedings + author's electronic conference proceedings (PDF) + author's hard copy of conference proceedings

600 RUB.

Sending by Russian Post of 1 hard copy of the conference proceedings and the participant certificate

Across Russia

100 RUB.

Across the Commonwealth of Independent States

300 RUB.

To the foreign countries

500 RUB.


Payment is made by bank transfer to the NSTU bank account details:

Your First name, Surname

Bank account details: УФК по Новосибирской области (НГТУ л/с 20516У21090)

ИНН 5404105174
КПП 540401001
ОКТМО 50701000001

NSTU Bank: Сибирское ГУ Банка России 
БИК 045004001
P/cч. № 40501810700042000002

It is obligatory to specify 

КБК 00000000000000000130

Оплата за участие в международной конференции «Актуальные проблемы современного общества» (смета 7027) НДС 18%

To the authors

The papers of 5 pages containing the results of original, previously unpublished studies, presented in a competent language and meeting the formatting requirements are accepted for the publication in the conference proceedings.

It is obligatory to specify the scientific supervisor. The supervisor is not included in the list of the co-authors.

If there is a consultant on the use of language, one should specify this person (optional, only if necessary).

In case of non-compliance with the formatting requirements, including the use of language, the text is sent to the author for revision with comments.




File name



5 pages А4


English, German, and Russian as a foreign language


Microsoft Word


Times New Roman


left – 2,5 cm, top, bottom and right – 2,0 cm

Font size

10 – UDC; 14 – title, text; 12 – author, university, e-mail, keywords, abstract, titles of the tables and figures, references, research supervisor, language advisor

Line spacing


УДК code

Aligned at the left margin

Text alignment

Aligned at both sides

Automatic hyphenation

Not allowed

Paragraph indentation


A hyphen should look different from a dash.

E.g.: «…устная речь представлена в разных сферах функционирования: в разговорно-бытовой сфере – как непринужденная разговорная речь…»


Short examples in italics (italics and bold type, if necessary)

Figure (pictures and diagrams)

Fig.1. Title – Place the title under the figure aligned at the center, and numbered sequentially in Arabic numerals. Do not number a figure, if there is only one in the text. Refer to each figure in the text. Use pictures in JPEG and PNG formats, or in Smart Art of Microsoft Word.


Table 1 – aligned at the left margin, and numbered sequentially in Arabic numerals. Place a title of the table below aligned at the center. Do not number a table, if there is only one in the text. Refer to each table in the text. Create tables in Microsoft Word.

Page numbering

Not allowed

In-text references

E.g.: “…” [3, p.65]. References to the sources are given in the body of the text in square brackets after the quote. The number in brackets indicates the number in the list of references [2], In case of citation put the corresponding page.


References – aligned at the center. Sources are listed in alphabetical order, and formed according to GOST R7.05-2008"Bibliographic references" (Russian Science Citation Index).